Coffee connoisseurs may be confident that percolated coffee is unlikely to be found in Germany. The Germans not only supported filtered coffee; they invented it. Melitta Bentz created paper coffee filters in 1908, and Gottlob Widmann invented the electrical drip maker in 1954.

As a country that prefers coffee over tea, Germany takes its cherished beverage seriously. There is also an annual "Day of Coffee."

Cafe in Germany

If you're used to the American or British cafe style, you might be surprised to find many people sipping beer on the couches. Cafés in Germany not only offer alcohol but also take on the appearance of bars as the evening advances. Many cafés will likely clear off tables at night to make place for a party crowd.

But don't worry if you're seeking a peaceful, calm location to cosy up with an excellent book. The café still has a smaller coffee clientele during the day and late hours.

How to Read a German Restaurant Menu?

As previously said, the easiest part of ordering a cup of coffee is typically figuring out the German phrase, as both the Germans and the English have a habit of stealing drink names from Italy.

Here are some basic options that might be displayed on the overhead board:

  • Schwarzkaffee - Black coffee
  • Milchkaffee - Coffee with hot milk
  • Eiskaffee - Iced coffee
  • Latte Macchiato - Latte macchiato
  • Cappuccino - Cappuccino
  • Espresso - Espresso
  • Macchiato - Macchiato
  • Mokka - Mocha
  • Eiskaffee - Iced coffee

How to Order a Cup of Coffee in German?

A cup of coffee, please

Straightforward and to the point. Your efficiency will most likely be admired. If they inquire, "Mit Milch?" (With milk?) You may make the barista happy by responding, "Schwarz wie mein Herz" (black like my heart).

Einen Kaffee, bitte - A cup of coffee, please

Was können Sie empfehlen? - What suggestions do you have?

Not just an advantageous method to utilise local knowledge but also an advantageous one to initiate a German discussion. Even if you are still determining your command of the language, you should be able to identify items from the menu amid all the unknown phrases you hear back.

Ich möchte... - I wish...

Here's how you'd put it to use: 

Ich möchte einen Eiskaffee - I'd like some iced coffee.

Ich möchte einen Cappuccino - Please make me a cappuccino.

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