Can a bag of coffee transform the world?
We think so.

Here at Cozzee we have a lot of energy (which makes sense, because um…caffeine). As much as we like to boast about our roast (100% ethically grown Arabica beans, by the way), we’re even more passionate about creating opportunities for coffee drinkers like you to change the world for the better.

That’s why ALL of the profits from each sold bag of Specialty-Grade coffee go to the cause of your choice, be it building clean water wells in developing countries, or cultivating sustainable food and farming programs. With each cup of Cozzee coffee, we’re serving up hope.


At our core, we’re a team of individuals passionate about making positive change in the world. When we came together, it was obvious that there was a need for…well, for a lot of things. We wanted to create a way for people to make a collective impact every day without feeling overwhelmed. The answer, it turns out, was literally in our hands. We love coffee (the good stuff). So why not empower ourselves and others to make change with something we’re already doing?

If you’re anything like us, you want to see the change you support. You can throw money at a cause without ever really knowing what it’s done. We’re inviting you to stick around, enjoy a cup of awesome coffee, and see what kind of good you can create.

Specialty Beans

Cozzee sells world-class specialty grade coffee that not only wows the taste buds, it also supports the livelihood of coffee farmers and their families. Our 100% Arabica coffee is roasted fresh when you order it and is shipped directly to your home or office unlike store-bought coffee brands that can sit on the grocery store shelf for weeks.

You Choose

You choose which of the seven causes you are most passionate about and we'll send the profits of your purchase to support a specific project in that cause area. Through our website, you can track the amount your coffee purchases have contributed to your favorite cause as well as get updates on completed projects to show the impact being made for individuals and communities.

All Profits

Unlike other businesses that donate a portion of their profits to charity, we give all (that's right, 100%) of the profits away. We address seven cause areas and partner with non-profits that lead the way in tackling issues like the clean water crisis, sex and labor trafficking and homelessness.

How it works

You buy some of the best coffee around. You choose one of 7 causes you are most passionate about. We ship your freshly roasted coffee straight to your door. Then we give 100% of the profits of your purchase to our non-profit partner leading a project in that cause area.

It’s simple. Choose your coffee. Choose your cause. Change your world.


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