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Atlanta is the number one city in the U.S. with the highest sex economy income of $290 million each year.  When a woman from this industry is welcomed into the BeLoved Atlanta Home, she has often experienced years of trauma and hopelessness. In fact, 95% of women in prostitution are victims of sexual abuse as children, teaching them at a young age that they are not valued, loved or safe but the BeLoved team believes in their value and that they deserve to be respected by their community.  When the world often looks at these women as criminals, BeLoved believes each woman is gifted, strong, and trustworthy; they are survivors.

In 2014 BeLoved provided 208 counseling sessions to survivors and are continuing to meet and exceed that goal in 2015. Through a discipleship program the Beloved team provides Christ-fostered healing. Your gift of counseling and group therapy meets an essential need toward a survivor’s restoration. The amount of $1,500 provides BeLoved Atlanta’s four residents with one month of professional counseling and group therapy. Each woman in the BeLoved Home will receive one counseling session and group therapy session each week where she is able to explore and heal from past trauma with the help of your coffee purchase. There is no “quick fix” to a survivor’s healing journey; education and even employment are often void when a woman is not provided with an opportunity to address the root issues of her pain. Professional counseling and group therapy within a supportive community gives her this chance and allows her to dream again. Thank you for believing in Her. She is beloved. Learn more from the BeLoved Atlanta team in the video below.

BeLoved Atlanta first opened their doors in March 2013.  Their home is the only free-of-charge, 2-year residential home and program for adult women who are survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction in the city of Atlanta. They additionally empower the survivors with education, employment, legal aid, housing assistance, graduate support and more during their time with the BeLoved community. It is their vision to continue creating a community of homes in one neighborhood of Atlanta for these survivors to rediscover their value.

For more on BeLoved visit www.belovedatlanta.org or www.facebook.com/belovedatlanta.

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